Eco House Chicago

Eco World

Eco World is our after school program that prepares youth for the 3D printing and flower farm projects. Youth learn about healthy eating and cooking, backyard chickens, gardening, and practice their math, reading, and writing skills. Eco World serves as a pipeline program that develops youth in basic skills while exposing them to sustainability concepts.

3D Printing

3D printing

This program teaches youth how to operate the physical 3D printing hardware, use the slicing software, and create 3D printed models. Through this process youth are exposed to a hands on, immersive educational experience where they learn STEM skills in a real world setting. Furthermore, we use this educational model to enhance our youth’s job… Read more »

Flower Farms

Flower Farms

The Chicago Eco House flower farms meets the market need for established flower farmers to use arable land in the city in order to grow their already successful businesses. Flower farmers face unique challenges to acquiring city land and getting the funds to build out city land so that it will be suitable for growing…. Read more »