Flower Farms

The Chicago Eco House flower farms meets the market need for established flower farmers to use arable land in the city in order to grow their already successful businesses. Flower farmers face unique challenges to acquiring city land and getting the funds to build out city land so that it will be suitable for growing. The Eco House steps in to fill this void by acquiring vacant city land and converting it into sustainable and automated flower farms.
We train at risk inner city youth to be landlords of our flower farms. Our youth receive a dividend share out of the net profits from the farm every growing season. This essentially turns a vacant lot into an income generating asset the produces passive income for the youth who need it most.

Eco House farms represents sound environmental stewardship. Our farms are high tech as we use rainwater catchment systems and solar power generation to minimize our ecological footprint. This saves thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of kilowatt hours a season. Furthermore, flowers are natural pollination for bees, butterflies, birds, and other species native to our ecosystem.

With thousands of vacant city lots across the city of Chicago our flower farms are in a position to transform the face of the inner city. Currently, the Chicago Eco House has three flower farms in Chicago (Englewood, West Garfield Park, and West Woodlawn) and one location in Detroit.